Washington 0
16 June 2020

The U.S. Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, indicated that we “would love to have an in-person meeting [with the Iranians], to have a consular dialogue [on prisoner releases] so that we can move faster than we have… The process negotiating with the regime is not linear. It requires a lot of patience”. He further emphasised that “the door for diplomacy on our side has been wide open. Not just on these matters, but on… all the issues that have been bedeviling the U.S.-Iran bilateral relations for forty-one years. The president would like to get to the negotiating table with the regime”. Discussing the UN arms embargo on Iran expiring in October, Hook opined that “given Iran’s pattern of behaviour we think the right policy is to have an arms embargo in place that doesn’t have a definite date fixed. I don’t negotiate with myself, so I’m not going to propose a fallback position. But I do think that Iran hasn’t really shown the change of heart”. “When Iran changes its behaviour, we’re very happy to discuss something different”, he added.

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