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19 June 2020

The IAEA Board of Governors adopted a resolution tabled by France, Germany and the UK urging “Iran to fully cooperate with the Agency and satisfy the Agency’s requests without any further delay, including by providing prompt access to the locations specified by the Agency”. The resolution was passed with 25 votes in favour, two against (Russia and China) and seven abstentions. Iran’s IAEA envoy subsequently contended that “we consider the current state of affairs as a trap set by the U.S. and Israeli regimes”, and noted that “Iran is applying the Additional Protocol voluntarily and provisionally… Iran does not consider it as a legal obligation”. He further maintained that “this resolution will neither encourage Iran to grant access to the Agency based on fabricated and unfounded allegations, nor will it force Iran to come down from its principal positions. Iran categorically deplores this resolution and will take appropriate action in response, the repercussions of which would be upon the sponsors of this resolution”. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to the resolution by stressing that “Iran must immediately comply with its IAEA safeguards obligations and provide the IAEA nothing short of full cooperation. If Iran fails to cooperate, the international community must be prepared to take further action”.

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