Washington 0
24 June 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asserted that should the UN arms embargo against Iran expire in October 2020, “Iran will be able to purchase advanced weapon systems and become the arms dealer of choice for terrorists and rogue regimes all throughout the world. This is unacceptable”. Noting that U.S. diplomats were briefing the Security Council on a U.S. proposal for extending the embargo, Pompeo indicated that “our great preference is to have a Council resolution that would extend the embargo, but we are determined to ensure that that arms embargo continues”, citing snapback. “Not only will they take weapon systems and purchase high-end weapon systems from Russia and China, but they’ll sell their weapon systems all across the world, too”, Pompeo warned. “This is a rogue regime, they shouldn’t have the capacity to do that, and I am very hopeful that the whole world… will come to the same understanding that the U.S. has, that this is dangerous for the world for this to have expired”.

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