Washington 0
26 June 2019

Discussing Iran during a visit to India, Secretary Pompeo argued that the U.S. had done “everything it can to de-escalate. If there is conflict, if there is war, if there’s a kinetic activity, it will because the Iranians made that choice. I hope that they do not. I don’t think they should ever mistake President Trump for not being prepared to defend American interest all around the world, and I hope that the world will come to defend that waterway that is so central to the Indian economy”. He went on to say that “the world needs to join together to ensure that there’s free and open navigation in that waterway. When we do that, when we do that in a serious way, we’ll deter Iranian aggression, and we’ll get Iran to behave like we’ve asked them to. Nothing special, we just want them to behave like a normal country. That’s not too much to ask for them”.

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