30 March 2023

A Pentagon spokesperson stated that “we now assess that eight militants were killed in our [23 March] strikes against two IRGC Quds Force facilities near Deir al-Zor”. He also confirmed seven injuries, and that “there were additional six U.S. service members that have subsequently diagnosed with traumatic brain injury as a result of Iranian backed attacks” on 23-24 March. The spokesperson further reiterated that “we will take all necessary measures to protect our troops and our interests overseas. To underscore, in response to a pattern of Iranian and Iran-backed attacks against U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria and the continuing threat of future such attacks the U.S. has taken and, as necessary, will continue to, take actions against IRGC and its affiliates. This includes the use of force against IRGC and IRGC affiliate personnel and facilities in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility with the intention to convince the Iranians to de-escalate threats against the U.S., our interests and our people.… We do not seek conflict with Iran but we will always protect our people”. On 13 April, a CENTCOM spokesperson confirmed 25 total U.S. casualties during the various exchanges.

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