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Tracking Conflict Worldwide

CrisisWatch is our global conflict tracker, a tool designed to help decision-makers prevent deadly violence by keeping them up-to-date with developments in over 70 conflicts and crises, identifying trends and alerting them to risks of escalation and opportunities to advance peace.

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November 2010

Middle East & North Africa


28 Nov parliamentary elections marred by irregularities and reports of scattered violence. Ruling National Democratic Party won 209 of 221 seats decided in first round; 287 seats to be contested in 5 Dec run-off. None of 130 candidates affiliated to banned opposition Muslim Brotherhood won seats outright in first round; 26 will contest second round. Movement called vote “rigged and invalid”. Demonstrations, clashes with police during voting, particularly in Nile Delta and the city of Suez; at least 3 people reported killed. U.S. 30 Nov said it was “disappointed” with conduct citing “worrying” problems with restrictions. Ahead of elections, more than 1,300 Muslim Brotherhood supporters detained, about half released by polls. Security forces 11 Nov arrested at least 25 suspected of belonging to radical Islamic group planning to attack Israeli tourists in Sinai Peninsula. Mob torched 10 homes of Christians 16 Nov in al-Nawahid village after rumours of interfaith relationship. One killed, dozens injured, over 150 arrested 24 Nov after Christians clashed with police in Giza over permission to build church.

Western Sahara

Violence broke out 8 Nov following Moroccan security forces raid on protest camp housing some 15,000 outside main town of Laayoune. Morocco reported 13 killed including 11 members of security forces; Polisario Front 9 Nov said more than 36 Saharawis killed, 723 injured and 159 missing. UNSC 16 Nov condemned clashes but declined to authorise formal probe. Moroccan authorities 13 Nov said over 163 people arrested for inciting violence (See Morocco). Third round of UN-brokered peace talks carried out in New York 8-9 Nov, same time as clashes; both sides agreed to meet again Dec.

August 2010

Middle East & North Africa


Ongoing security crackdown ahead of 23 Oct parliamentary   elections;   230   people   reported   arrested, including Shiite opposition leader Abduljalil al-Singace, charged 30 Aug with attempting to overthrow  govt;  govt said detainees arrested for security and terrorism violations, not for expressing dissident political views. Arrests fuelled almost daily sectarian clashes between security forces and Shiite opposition. Public prosecutor 27 Aug banned media from reporting on detentions. Sheik Ali Salman head of Wefaq society, largest Shiite bloc in parliament, 21 Aug said crackdown had “in one week destroyed 10 years of progress”. Second largest opposition party Islamic Action Society 25 Aug voted to boycott Oct parliamentary elections, called for reform of country’s political system.

May 2010

Middle East & North Africa


At least 9 people reported killed 31 May by Israeli soldiers boarding flotilla carrying activists, aid to Gaza; full details not yet clear. UNSC 1 June condemned “those acts which resulted in the loss of at least ten civilians” and called for “credible and transparent investigation”. Israeli PM Netanyahu cancelled Washington visit, gave full backing to action of Israeli troops. Israel said soldiers acted in self-defence, accused convoy of “premeditated” provocation, campaigners denied accusations. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Abbas condemned incident as “massacre”. Turkey withdrew ambassador, called Israeli actions “murder by a state”. Followed 9 May start of U.S.-mediated indirect talks between Israel, PA after 17-month halt in negotiations. Netanyahu 21 May spoke of possible goodwill gestures towards Palestinians. Announcement of talks followed by rocket attacks on southern Israel from Gaza 8 May, Israeli bombing of targets in response. At least 12 injured in 25 May airstrikes in Gaza in response to 24 May rocket and mortar attacks. IDF troops 21 May killed 2 Islamic Jihad militants near Kissufim crossing; 14 May shot dead Palestinian civilian near border fence; 2 suspected militants killed by IDF 1 June after entering Israel from Gaza. Palestinian youth killed by Israeli settler in West Bank 14 May.