VIDEO | Trapped in the Gap: Migrants and Smugglers in the Darién

In this video, personal narratives from migrants, smugglers, and locals shed light on the perilous journey through the Darién Gap, a treacherous migration route between Central and South America marked by criminal control.


IMPACT: Stories of Conflict Prevention

What does preventing conflict actually look like? In this video series, Crisis Group's analysts recall their experiences and how their work warned about or helped to prevent crises.

Video / Asia

Taiwan Strait: Preventing War

In this video, Amanda Hsiao explains what is at stake in the dynamic between China, the U.S. and Taiwan and what steps can be taken to reduce pressure in the region.


CrisisWatch | A tool to prevent conflict

Too many people still die from violent conflict and it is preventable.

A 360 view of the Israel-Hamas Conflict from the region

In these short videos, our expert analysts for Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, the Gulf Arab states, Syria, Iraq and Turkiye explain how these countries are responding to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Lebanon’s Presidential Vacuum is Prolonging the Country’s Economic Crisis

In this video, David Wood discusses the presidential vacuum in Lebanon and how it's affecting the country's ability to deal with its other compounding crises.


Unravelling the Coup in Niger

In this interview, Jean-Hervé Jezequel, Crisis Group’s Project Director for the Sahel, highlights the international and regional response to the Niger coup, as well as potential ways forward.

Video / Asia

Inside South East Asia’s Criminal Empire

In this video, Richard Horsey, Crisis Group's Senior Adviser for Myanmar, discusses organised crime in South East Asia's Golden Triangle.

Israeli-Hizbollah Mutual Deterrence Must Be Preserved

In this video, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Lebanon, David Wood, warns that tensions between Hizbollah and Israel risk ending the relative calm of the past seventeen years.


Video / Europe & Central Asia

Along the Barbed Wire: Living on the Georgia-South Ossetia Separation Line

This video gathers testimonies from people living along the South Ossetia-Georgia line of separation, where Russian militarisation of the boundary has left communities divided.

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