Speech / Asia

Testimony on Afghanistan to the European Parliament

In testimony to the European Parliament about efforts to end the war in Afghanistan, Crisis Group expert Andrew Watkins describes the current scale of fighting, Taliban policies and how outside actors can support the peace process.

Speech / Africa

Peace, Security and Development: Taking Security Challenges into Account in Development Financing

Speech by Comfort Ero, Program Director for Africa, to the 975th session of the African Union Peace and Security Council.

Speech / Multilateral Diplomacy

UN Peacekeeping in a Fragmenting International Order

This is an edited version of remarks originally given to a roundtable on “The Geostrategic Environment and International Responses to Conflict” organised by the UN Department of Peace Operations on 25 November 2020.

Speech / Asia

Afghanistan's Peace Process Will Be Long, Incremental and in Need of a Mediator

Speech by Laurel Miller, Program Director for Asia, at the United Nations Security Council Arria Formula Meeting on the Peace Process in Afghanistan.

Gulf Tensions Could Trigger a Conflict Nobody Wants

Crisis Group’s President & CEO Robert Malley on 20 October 2020 addressed the UN Security Council on the danger of conflict in the Gulf and across the Middle East. An inclusive regional security dialogue may be unlikely, he said, but it would be irresponsible not to try.

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يمكن لتوترات الخليج أن تشعل فتيل صراع لا يريده أحد

خاطب رئيس مجموعة الأزمات ومديرها التنفيذي روبرت مالي في 20 تشرين الأول/أكتوبر 2020 مجلس الأمن الدولي بشأن خطر الصراع في الخليج وسائر أنحاء الشرق الأوسط. وقال إن حواراً شاملاً بشأن الأمن الإقليمي قد لا يكون مرجحاً، لكن سيكون من قبيل انعدام المسؤولية عدم محاولة إجراء مثل ذلك الحوار.

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Speech / Global

What’s Happened to the UN Secretary-General’s COVID-19 Ceasefire Call?

This is an expanded and updated version of remarks originally given to a conference organised by Mitvim – the Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on 17 May 2020. A conference summary is available here.

Climate Change Is Shaping the Future of Conflict

Crisis Group’s President & CEO Robert Malley addressed the UN Security Council’s virtual Arria session on climate and security risks on 22 April 2020. Without global action, he said, climate change could prove to be a slow-moving version of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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Le changement climatique sera un facteur déterminant des conflits à venir

Le 22 avril 2020, le président et directeur de Crisis Group, Robert Malley, a prononcé un discours à la réunion Arria du Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies sur le climat et les risques en matière de sécurité. Sans une action mondiale, déclare-t-il, le changement climatique pourrait être une version au ralenti de la pandémie de Covid-19.

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El cambio climático está forjando el futuro de los conflictos

El presidente y CEO de Crisis Group, Robert Malley, se dirigió a la sesión virtual de fórmula Arria del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU sobre riesgos climáticos y de seguridad el 22 de abril de 2020. Sin una acción global, dijo, el cambio climático podría ser una versión lenta de la actual pandemia del COVID-19.

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Tackling Intersecting Conflicts in the MENA Region

In a speech at the Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània, Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa Program Director Joost Hiltermann highlights four key issues that hinder peace efforts in the region, and five clusters of century-old conflicts that are still causing turmoil today.

Speech / Asia

The Trump Administration’s Afghanistan Policy

In this written statement to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs on 19 September, Crisis Group's Program Director for Asia Laurel Miller assesses the Trump Administration's efforts to secure a peace deal with the Taliban and the potential risks and rewards of such a deal. 

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Speech / Asia

د افغانستان په اړه د ټرمپ د ادارې پاليسي


په دې ليکلې وينا کې چې د سپټمبر په ۱۹مې يې د متحده ايالاتو د ولسي جرګې د بهرنيو چارو کمېټې ته کړې، د کړکېچ نړيوالې ډلې د اسيا څانګې د پروګرام رئيسه، لوريل ميلر، له طالبانو سره د سولې تړون کولو په موخه د ټرمپ د ادارې هڅې، او د دغسې تړون بالقوه خطرونه او ګټې ارزوي.

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The Iran Nuclear Deal and the U.S.-Iran Standoff

Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa Program Director Joost Hiltermann presented this paper on the history of U.S.-Iran relations and the status of the Iran Deal at an 8 November conference organised by the Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN) in Herzliya, Israel.

The Syrian Conflict and International Support for Rebel Groups

This written submission to the Dutch Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee was accompanied by both an oral presentation and also responses to questions posed by Committee members on Dutch non-lethal assistance to Syrian rebel groups during the civil war.

Reconciling Iraq's Hard Realities

In a Berlin speech to German and Dutch officers, diplomats and civilians, Crisis Group's Middle East and North Africa Program Director Joost Hiltermann argues that any attempt to help Iraqis piece their country back together again needs to take into account local realities, the grander geopolitical picture, and especially regional powers Turkey and Iran.

Speech / Europe & Central Asia

Turkey and a Region in Crisis

The journey from the best to the worst of days in recent Turkish geopolitics was partly determined by a deteriorating diplomatic context. Our Director of Communications & Outreach Hugh Pope looks back on two decades of change in a keynote speech for the Dutch Peace Research Foundation’s annual prizes for best new MA theses on peace.

Water Wars? Lessons from the Middle East & North Africa

In a keynote speech for the World Water Week in Stockholm on 28 August 2016, our MENA Program Director Joost Hiltermann assesses the role of water in Middle East conflicts – even, potentially, when used in the cultivation of Yemen’s beloved stimulant, qat.

Speech / Global

Violent Extremism and Crisis Management

Speech by Richard Atwood, International Crisis Group’s Director of Multilateral Affairs & Head of New York Office, to the UN’s Group of Friends on Counter-Terrorism Meeting.

Speech / Global

Today's Global Security Challenges

Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President & CEO, addressed the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) Conference at the Maison de la paix in Geneva, on Friday 29 May 2015, to discuss some of the most pressing issues in international affairs and to celebrate 20 years of work by the GCSP.

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