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Interactive / Africa

Al-Shabaab Militancy in Somalia: A Timeline

There’s no end in sight to the war with Al-Shabaab Islamist militants in Somalia, which has been raging for more than fifteen years. This timeline explains how the group came into existence and how it evolved amid the country’s other troubles.

Rough Seas: Tracking Maritime Tensions with Iran

Repeated attacks on oil tankers have worsened Iran’s relations with the U.S. and Gulf states since 2019. Washington should rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal so Tehran can normalise its oil trade, while Western states should push for greater multilateral action to protect international shipping.

How Yemen’s War Economy Undermines Peace Efforts

A fight for economic dominance is compounding Yemen’s humanitarian emergency and intractable war. Profiteering and manipulation by both sides risk plunging the country into a steeper decline. Within this complex conflict, the UN should pursue an economic truce just as much as a military one.

Iran's Nuclear Deal Since 2016: A Timeline

Iran is closer than ever to being able to develop a nuclear weapon. This timeline of the Iran nuclear deal explains how we got to this point by highlighting key flashpoints from the deal's implementation in 2016 to now.


How Climate Change Fuels Deadly Conflict

Half of the most climate-fragile countries also face conflict and crises. Flood and drought, as well as multi-year and seasonal variability, have become major risk factors. Climatic distress is playing an increasingly central role in many of today’s conflicts.

Interactive / Asia

The Recent History of the South China Sea: A Timeline

The South China Sea has long been a critical maritime passage, means of supply and trade route that was fought over by many claimants. Today the South China Sea is once again a 21st century flashpoint.

The Climate Factor in Nigeria’s Farmer-Herder Violence

Africa is especially vulnerable to climate change, as millions are already experiencing record heat, extreme precipitation and rising sea levels. Increasingly, the security implications of changing weather patterns are visible in deadly land resource disputes between farmers and herders across the continent – including in the continent’s most populous country, Nigeria.