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Reports & Briefings

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Police Reform in Guatemala: Obstacles and Opportunities

To stem the violence that kills thousands of Guatemalans each year, the government must find the resources and will to carry out long-stalled reforms of the national police.

Also available in Español
Report / Latin America & Caribbean

Guatemala: Drug Trafficking and Violence

The bloody eruption of the Mexican Zetas cartel into its territory is the latest chapter in a vicious cycle of repeated government failures, massive corruption and criminal violence that threatens the frail democracy of Guatemala, the gateway for most of the drugs reaching the U.S. from Mexico.

Also available in Español

Guatemala’s Elections: Clean Polls, Dirty Politics

Violence and unregulated campaign finance endanger political institutions ahead of the Guatemalan polls in September.

Also available in Español

Learning to Walk without a Crutch: The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala

Despite the promising beginning made by a unique hybrid legal body established by agreement with the UN, a culture of fear and impunity still prevails in Guatemala.

Guatemala: Squeezed Between Crime and Impunity

Fourteen years after the end of its civil war, Guatemala has become a paradise for crime that is deeply entrenched in the state and society, undermines institutions and thrives on extreme levels of impunity.

Also available in Español