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Video - The U.S. and Iran: Maximum Pressure, Maximum Peril

Crisis Group's hand-illustrated video draws out the story of rising tensions between Iran and the U.S. 

Video / Africa

Video - Safeguarding Sudan’s Revolution

Murithi Mutiga, Crisis Group's Project Director for the Horn of Africa, reflects on the Sudanese revolution and on the challenges lying ahead for the new civilian-led administration in Khartoum.

Video / Africa

Video - Cameroon's Anglophone Dialogue: A Work in Progress

President Paul Biya has proposed a national dialogue aimed at resolving the Cameroonian government’s conflict with Anglophone separatists. Arrey E. Ntui, Crisis Group Senior Analyst for Cameroon, explains the reality on the ground in Anglophone areas and offers recommendations on how the government can make efforts to resolve the crisis.

Video: The Combustible Border Between Venezuela and Brazil

The frontier between Brazil and its crisis-ridden neighbour Venezuela has become a major migration route, a hotspot for crime and a flashpoint for violence.

Also available in Español

Maximum Peril: What Would a War with Iran Look Like?

Amid growing tensions between Iran and the U.S., Crisis Group sat down with three former U.S. military officials, Chuck Hagel, Admiral John Kirby and Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who explained what a war between the two countries would look like.


Video - Violence & FARC dissidents on Colombia's Pacific Coast

International Crisis Group visited Colombia's Pacific Coast, an area that suffers extreme violence and inequality. We were able to interview young FARC dissidents on camera in the city of Tumaco, one of the places most affected by armed conflict following the peace agreement with the FARC.

Video / Africa

Video – Returning from the Land of Jihad: The Fate of Women Who Lived with Boko Haram

In late 2018 Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Gender Azadeh Moaveni went to north-east Nigeria, which has been the epicenter of the fight between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military, to explore how effectively women formerly associated with the group have been rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society.


"Death can come tomorrow". A sicario from Mexico's Knights Templar cartel talks to Crisis Group.

While in Michoacán, our Mexico Senior Analyst Falko Ernst interviewed a member of the Knights Templar cartel. In the video, the sicario talks about his dangerous daily routine, his motivations and his uncertain future in deadly Tierra Caliente.

Also available in Español

40 in 80: 40 years of U.S.-Iran relations in 80 seconds

It has been 39 years since US President Carter broke diplomatic relations with Iran. This video timeline shows how US policy sought to contain, confront, and at times engage with Iran over the last 40 years.


Video - 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2019

In its annual outlook for 2019, Crisis Group sees turmoil in the international order, erosion of global norms, and leaders extending their influence by meddling in foreign wars. From Afghanistan to Venezuela, these are the 10 conflicts Crisis Group will be watching most closely this year.