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The situation in Ukraine is more dangerous than before

Crisis Group’s Program Director for Europe and Central Asia, Olga Oliker, speaks about the current situation in Ukraine, why it's more dangerous now than when Russia invaded in February and what can be done to de-escalate it.


Rewind: The Impact of Conflict Prevention

What does preventing conflict actually look like? In our new video series, Crisis Group's analysts recall their experiences and how their work warned about or helped to prevent crises.

Video / Asia

Myanmar's Military Coup: One Year On

In this short interview, Crisis Group's Myanmar expert Richard Horsey assesses the situation in Myanmar one year after the military coup, and what the future may hold.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

Is Russia bluffing or perhaps misunderstanding Ukraine?

In this short interview, Crisis Group's ECA Director Olga Oliker explains why she thinks Russia's building up of forces near Ukraine may not be a bluff, but rather the result of Moscow misunderstanding of Ukraine.

Lebanon: A State on the Brink

This Crisis Group documentary gives voice to those coping with a state nearing collapse. It shows why today's interlocking crises are so much deeper and more dangerous than many others that have plagued Lebanon over nearly half a century of deadly conflicts.


VIDEO | 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2022

This video summarises Crisis Group's flagship annual publication “10 Conflicts to Watch in 2022”.


International Crisis Group: Together We Can Build a Safer World

Here at Crisis Group we believe that deadly conflicts are preventable and resolvable. With your help we can end the suffering and save lives.

Video / Global

VIDEO | Climate Change and Conflict

An introductory video on Crisis Group's work on climate, carried out as part of our Future of Conflict Program.

VIDEO | A Broken Canopy: Deforestation and Conflict in Colombia

Bram Ebus, Crisis Group consultant for the Andes, investigates how deforestation in Colombia is often linked to conflict.

Also available in Español