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Legacy Giving at Crisis Group

Including a gift in your Will is simple and straightforward through your financial or legal planner, and you do not need to rewrite an existing Will – it is easy and cost-effective to add a codicil.

Find out more about Legacy Giving at Crisis Group with our short video:

Legacy gifts may include:

  • Residual gift: The residue (or a share of the residue) of your estate after all other gifts, tax and other costs have been honoured.

  • Specific or pecuniary gift: A fixed sum of money.

  • Bequest: A specified asset or object of value - for example, property, art, royalties or other income-generating rights.

Sample bequest language for your estate planner or financial advisory

I give, devise, and bequeath (describe amount, item of value, or proportion of your residuary estate) to the International Crisis Group, a not-for-profit corporation organised under the laws of the District of Columbia, with current headquarters located at 235 Avenue Louise, Level 5, B-1050 Brussels, for its general charitable purposes.

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