Brazil: The Mob Leaves Its Mark

The assault on Brazilian state institutions purposely evoked the 2021 incursion into the U.S. Capitol. As in the aftermath of that event, the job of law enforcement overlaps with the more delicate task of identifying the political and financial circles that made the riot possible.

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Brasil: a turba deixa sua marca

O ataque às instituições estatais brasileiras evocou propositalmente a incursão de 2021 ao Capitólio dos Estados Unidos. Como ocorrido depois daquele evento, o trabalho das forças policiais e do Judiciário se junta à tarefa mais delicada de identificar os círculos políticos e financeiros que possibilitaram o tumulto.

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Statement / Africa

Regional Powers Should Drive Diplomacy in DR Congo as M23 Surrounds Goma

Fighting has intensified in North Kivu, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with M23 rebels now partially encircling the major city Goma. Regional leaders, particularly Kenya, should press hard for a halt to the insurgent advances and urge Kinshasa and Kigali to reduce tensions.

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Statement / Africa

Privilégier la diplomatie régionale en RD Congo alors que le M23 encercle Goma

Les combats se sont intensifiés au Nord-Kivu, dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo, et les rebelles du M23 encerclent désormais partiellement Goma, la capitale provinciale. Les dirigeants régionaux, en particulier au Kenya, devraient faire pression pour endiguer la progression des insurgés et inciter Kinshasa et Kigali à apaiser les tensions.

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Statement / Africa

Turning the Pretoria Deal into Lasting Peace in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s federal government and leaders in the war-torn Tigray region signed a peace accord on 2 November, followed by an implementation deal ten days later. After making these steps toward ending the conflict, all parties must act responsibly to build a solid foundation for peace.

Statement / Africa

Overcoming Somaliland’s Worsening Political Crisis

Somaliland is going through considerable political turmoil. The government and opposition disagree over the sequencing of two forthcoming high-stakes elections, and both sides are digging in. International partners should push the two sides to reach consensus, while standing by to mediate if talks fail.

Statement / Africa

A Call to Action: Averting Atrocities in Ethiopia’s Tigray War

A joint Ethiopian-Eritrean offensive has made significant gains in Tigray, marking yet another turn in Ethiopia’s brutal conflict. The risk of large-scale attacks on civilians is high. African and world leaders should take urgent action to prevent an even worse humanitarian catastrophe.

Iranian Leaders Should Call Off Their Campaign of Repression

The death of Mahsa Amini has outraged citizens throughout Iran, setting off a protest wave. If it wishes for genuine stability, rather than the mirage of social control, Tehran must stop responding with brute force and start addressing the grievances driving people into the streets.

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Staying the Course in Ukraine

Following a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive, Russia is escalating its war in Ukraine. Yet developments on the ground show that NATO members’ approach to date – supporting Kyiv while avoiding a direct clash with Moscow – is fundamentally sound. The West should stay the course.

ينبغي على القادة الإيرانيين وقف حملة القمع التي يشنونها

لقد أثارت وفاة مهسا أميني غضب المواطنين في جميع أنحاء إيران، الأمر الذي أدى إلى موجة من الاحتجاجات. إذا كانت طهران راغبة في الاستقرار الحقيقي، بدلاً من سراب السيطرة الاجتماعية، يتعين عليها أن تكفّ عن الرد بقوة وحشية وأن تبدأ في معالجة المظالم التي تدفع الناس إلى النزول إلى الشارع.

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Statement / Africa

A Triumph for Kenya’s Democracy

On 5 September, Kenya’s Supreme Court upheld Deputy President William Ruto’s victory in the 9 August presidential election. The decision concludes a hard-fought electoral campaign that, despite high stakes, was peaceful and transparent, showing the strength of the country’s institutions.

Statement / Africa

Avoiding the Abyss as War Resumes in Northern Ethiopia

Renewed fighting between a federal-Amhara-Eritrea coalition and Tigray’s forces has shattered a tenuous months-long truce. The reversal heralds a return to one of the world’s deadliest conflicts. International envoys should keep pressing the Ethiopian parties to renew the truce and begin formal direct negotiations.

How to Avert an Imminent Disaster off Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

A floating oil storage facility in Yemeni waters is on the verge of breaking or blowing up. Time is running out to raise the remaining $20 million needed for a salvage operation to prevent ecological and economic damage of historic proportions.

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كيفية تفادي حدوث كارثة وشيكة على ساحل اليمن على البحر الأحمر

ثمة منشأة تخزين نفط عائمة في المياه اليمنية على وشك التصدع أو الانفجار. والوقت ينفد لجمع 20 مليون دولار هو المبلغ المتبقي اللازم لعملية إنقاذية لمنع حدوث أضرار بيئية واقتصادية بأبعاد تاريخية.

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Statement / Global

An Agenda for the UN Secretary-General’s Trip to Russia and Ukraine

The UN Secretary-General is on his way to Moscow and Kyiv. With fighting still raging, he may find his diplomatic options limited, but nevertheless he should table proposals both for how to save lives now and how the UN might help with future peace talks.

Statement / Africa

Building on Ethiopia’s Fragile Truce

A truce in Ethiopia has generated cautious optimism. As the belligerents take tentative steps toward peace, the first order of business is to surge humanitarian aid into Tigray and restore vital services. The country’s external partners should find ways to nudge all parties toward compromise.

Avoiding an Even Worse Catastrophe in Ukraine

With the war in Ukraine grinding on, Western governments should pursue a strategy that raises costs to Russia while urgently exploring the contours of a negotiated solution. Such an approach is imperative to halt Ukraine’s decimation and to ward off the gravest threat of nuclear confrontation in decades.

International Unity is Needed to Prevent a Divided Libya

Libya again has two rival administrations pressing claims to be the rightful government. Both sides have armed loyalists. Outside powers should join hands to help stop them from clashing once more.

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الحاجة إلى موقف دولي موحّد لمنع انقسام ليبيا

مرة أخرى، في ليبيا إدارتان متنافستان تدّعي كل منهما أنها الحكومة الشرعية. ولكلا الطرفين أنصار مسلحون. ولذلك، ينبغي على القوى الخارجية أن تتوحد للمساعدة على منعهما من الاصطدام مرة أخرى.

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What the UN General Assembly Can Do for Ukraine

The UN General Assembly begins an Emergency Special Session on the war in Ukraine. UN members, and especially those from Africa, Asia and Latin America, should use this opportunity to condemn Russia's aggression and take steps to contain and de-escalate the conflict.

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