29 November 2022

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told Iraqi Prime Minister al-Sudani that efforts to undermine Iran’s security were “currently taking place in some areas of Iraq. The only solution is for the Iraqi central government to extend its authority to those areas as well”. He added: “If any party intends to disrupt the country’s security, we will stand up firmly in front of any party seeking to undermine Iraq’s security… Iraq’s security is Iran’s security, in the same way that Iran’s security also has an effect on the security of Iraq”. According to an Iraqi readout, the premier emphasised that “the government is committed to the Iraqi constitution, which prohibits making Iraq a launchpad for aggression against its neighbours”. The same day, President Raisi, during a joint press conference with al-Sudani, asserted: “The presence of outsiders does not bring security at all, but causes many problems for the region… Definitely, the withdrawal of the Americans from the region will lead to an increase in peace, stability and security”.

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