21 February 2023

Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that “we’re committed to Israel’s security. We are committed together to the proposition that Iran never acquire a nuclear weapon… The President’s been very clear that every option is on the table to do that. And we’re also working to deepen our cooperation and coordination with Israel, as well as with other countries to deal with the multiplicity of challenges that Iran poses, including advances in its nuclear program”. He further noted that “we continue to believe that, with regard to the nuclear program, the most effective, sustainable way to deal with the challenges it poses is through diplomacy. But in this moment, those efforts are on the back burner because Iran is simply not engaged in a meaningful way”. Asked whether the U.S. had given Israel a green light to attack Iran, Blinken asserted that “countries will make sovereign decisions for their own security.  And of course, that’s no different when it comes to Israel or any country. We can’t make those decisions for them”.

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