Rohingya refugees wade after crossing the Naf river from Myanmar into Bangladesh in Whaikhyang, on 9 October 2017. AFP/Fred Dufour

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Crisis Group has worked tirelessly through 2017 to push the world’s worst conflicts in more positive directions, and we are seeing important results. Colombia’s peace agreement to end a 52-year war is being assisted by more than a decade of Crisis Group advocacy. We are shaping policies to ensure that Tunisia‘s transition to democracy remains peaceful. Having done much to make the case for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, we are doing all we can to protect it now.
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Ending a brutal crackdown against Myanmar’s Rohingya

While we are heartened by recent successes, situations like the crisis in Myanmar require Crisis Group to be more active than ever. The world has been shocked by events in Rakhine state, which forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to flee Myanmar, nearly 60 per cent of them children.
Crisis Group’s ground-breaking report was the first definitive source of information on the Rohingya militancy, and dispelled a dangerous misconception that it may have ties to a transnational terrorist agenda. This vital information helps shape governments’ responses to avoid more violence. With your support, we will advocate for the most effective policy responses and work to manage stability risks in Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled. At the same time, we will help to keep international dialogue open about the Rohingya's return home to Myanmar and mitigating the risks they may face if they do so.

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In an era of tension over “fake news”, our field-centred research and unbiased policy analysis are more trusted than ever. Whether in Myanmar or Syria, Sudan, Venezuela or Nigeria, Crisis Group will work to ensure that the truth does not become another casualty of war. Please help us expose the ground truth in crises worldwide and double your gift by giving to Crisis Group today.
With your help, Crisis Group will continue its work to reverse the current trends toward violence, and pave new roads toward peace in the year ahead.

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