Colonial Amnesia and Racial Justice in Europe
Colonial Amnesia and Racial Justice in Europe
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Colonial Amnesia and Racial Justice in Europe

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Hugh Pope talk to researchers Dr. Liliane Umubyeyi and Dr. Amah Edoh about racial justice activism and redressing colonial legacies since Black Lives Matter protests spread from the U.S. to Europe last summer.

The Black Lives Matter protests that engulfed the U.S. last year sparked similar anti-racism demonstrations in London, Paris, Brussels and several other cities across Europe. The challenge now is how to channel this newfound momentum into meaningful conversations and concrete changes, both nationally and regionally.

Dr. Liliane Umubyeyi, research coordinator at Avocats Sans Frontières, and Dr. Amah Edoh, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tell Olga and Hugh about a global conference they recently co-organised that brought together scholars, activists and policymakers from Africa, Europe and North America to explore how to do just this. 

They discuss why these grievances came to the fore amid a pandemic, the need for transnational spaces that allow for the continued exchange of ideas and best practices, the way some states use “colonial amnesia” as a political strategy, the intersections between race, gender and class and the challenges that arise from pursuing redress through the judicial apparatus.

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Program Director, Europe and Central Asia
Former Director of Communications & Outreach
Liliane Umubyeyi
Research Coordinator at Avocats Sans Frontières
Amah Edoh
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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