War & Peace: The Future of NATO
War & Peace: The Future of NATO
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War & Peace: The Future of NATO

On War & Peace this week, former NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller joins Olga and Hugh to examine whether the alliance, 70 years into its conflict prevention mission, can still contend with the defence challenges of today and tomorrow, both internally and as an actor on the world stage.

S2 E6: The Future of NATO

The geopolitical landscape has transformed dramatically since NATO was established in 1949. As a transatlantic alliance that seeks to safeguard democratic values and the rule of law, how well has it adapted through the years and what should its priorities be going forward? 

Who better to dive into these questions with than Rose Gottemoeller? The former NATO Deputy Secretary-General (2016-2019) was the organisation’s most senior woman official to date. She was previously the chief U.S. negotiator on arms control, and is today a distinguished lecturer at Stanford University and research fellow at the Hoover Institution. She joins Olga and Hugh to share her thoughts on the challenges of rebuilding the transatlantic relationship, responding to emerging threats outside of NATO’s traditional mandate and preserving its core principles in an ever-changing world.

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