COP28: A Special Series
COP28: A Special Series
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COP28: A Special Series

In the run-up to COP28, Crisis Group experts contribute their views on how climate change shapes the conflicts and crises they work on.

COMMENTARY | Why the Taliban Should Be Brought in from the Cold for Climate Talks

Surviving the impact of climate change and adapting to harsher new environments are collective tasks that need the cooperation of all countries, even Afghanistan under the outcast Taliban regime.

Published 24 November 2023. Available here.

OP-ED | Why the Africa Climate Summit can’t afford to overlook conflict

‘Conflict isn't merely a side issue; it is an integral part of the equation.’

Op-ed by Nazanine Moshiri, Crisis Group senior analyst for environment and conflict in Africa, originally published 4 September 2023 in The New Humanitarian.

REPORT | Iran’s Khuzestan: Thirst and Turmoil

Episodes of unrest in Iran often unfold similarly: the government nods to public concerns, but then resorts to repression, setting the stage for another confrontation between state and society. The pattern is clearest in peripheral provinces like Khuzestan, where a pressing grievance is water scarcity.

Published 21 August 2023. Available here.

COMMENTARY | Landmark Amazon Summit Needs to Grapple with Crime as well as Climate

On 8 and 9 August, the presidents of eight countries will meet in Brazil to discuss means of countering the threats facing the Amazon rainforest. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Bram Ebus explains that inter-governmental cooperation and a regional security strategy will be essential.

Published 2 August 2023. Available here.

BRIEFING | Absorbing Climate Shocks and Easing Conflict in Kenya’s Rift Valley

A series of failed rainy seasons in northern Kenya has sharpened competition among herders, farmers and conservancy owners for land and water, often resulting in bloodshed. Authorities should redouble aid to hard-hit areas and, with donor support, look for ways to encourage sharing of resources.

Published 20 April 2023. Available here.

VIDEO | Time to Talk: Climate, Environment & Conflict in the Horn of Africa

There are indirect, yet undeniable links between climate, the environment and deadly conflict. Today, however, these links are dangerously overlooked. In the Horn of Africa, climate change is already increasing food insecurity, water scarcity and resource competition, while also disrupting livelihoods and spurring migration.

This video brings together two experts for an in-depth discussion on this topic. In it, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Climate, Environment and Conflict in Africa Nazanine Moshiri speaks with Christophe Hodder, the UN’s first ever climate security and environmental adviser to Somalia. From a drought-stricken area in Kenya, they discuss the specific nature of the intersection between climate, environment and conflict in the Horn of Africa, and what must be done to mitigate the risks of violence.

Published 28 February 2023. Available here.

VISUAL EXPLAINER | Giving Countries in Conflict Their Fair Share of Climate Finance

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