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Iranian President Raisi’s Sudden Death and the ICC Case Against Israeli and Hamas Leaders

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Ali Vaez, Mairav Zonszein and Stephen Pomper about the Iranian president’s sudden death and the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s arrest warrants requests for Israeli and Hamas leaders.

All Eyes on The Hague: The ICC Prosecutor’s Move against Hamas and Israeli Leaders

The ICC prosecutor has said he is seeking arrest warrants for top Hamas and Israeli figures in connection with crimes committed since 7 October 2023. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Brian Finucane, Stephen Pomper and Mairav Zonszein examine the legal and political implications.

The Gaza War's Main Impacts on Egypt

In this video Riccardo Fabiani discusses how Cairo has turned the crisis somewhat to its advantage, leveraging Western fears that what is happening in Gaza could destabilise Egypt.

Preventing Escalation between Hizbollah and Israel

Since October 2023, Hizbollah and Israel have been trading fire across the Lebanon-Israel border. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group looks at how the EU and its member states can stop the conflict from escalating and restore greater stability.

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Egypt’s Gaza Dilemmas

From the onset of the Gaza war, Cairo has worried about the risks it creates for Egypt, from refugee flight to economic shocks. Foreign partners should keep working for a ceasefire – the best way to prevent spillover – while pushing Egyptian officials toward reform at home. 

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War and Hunger in Gaza and Darfur

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Alan Boswell, Shewit Woldemichael, Rami Dajani and Rob Blecher about escalating violence in Sudan’s North Darfur region, Israel’s looming offensive in the southern Gazan city of Rafah, the potential human toll and diplomatic efforts to avert both. 

Israel has made Gaza the deadliest place for aid workers

Only a ceasefire can stop the killing of aid workers and civilians in Gaza. Even without one, Israel could take measures to protect them. Here are some of them.

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Egypt and Gaza: Cairo Talks, Sinai Fears

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Riccardo Fabiani, Michael Hanna and Dareen Khalifa about the Gaza war’s economic and political fallout for Egypt.

Out of the Shadows: Exchanges of Fire Between Iran and Israel

This week on Hold Your Fire! Richard is joined by Crisis Group experts Ali Vaez, Mairav Zonszein, Michael Hanna, Lahib Higel and Robert Blecher to talk about the exchange of strikes between Iran and Israel and the implications for Gaza. 

The Israel-Iran Crisis: A Chance to Step Back from the Brink

Israel and its allies fended off almost all the armed drones and missiles fired by Iran on 13 April. This outcome affords both sides a face-saving way out of what could otherwise be a ruinous broader confrontation. 

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