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Ukraine: How to Hold the Line

The gruelling war in Ukraine continues, with Russian forces creeping forward amid fierce fighting. To stop Russia’s immediate momentum and withstand its assault, Kyiv and its backers will need to move quickly to fix problems that have hindered the Ukrainian effort to date.

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Helping Keep Bosnia and Herzegovina Together

Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the verge of falling apart as Republika Srpska, the smaller of its two ethnically divided parts, threatens to break away. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group urges the EU to help stop the fragmentation.

Moldova’s Restive Separatists, Russia Worries, and EU Aspirations

This week on War & Peace, Olga and Elissa are joined by Crisis Group experts Oleg Ignatov and Marta Mucznik to talk about the calls for Russian help from Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region and autonomous Gagauzia and Moldova’s own worries about Russia as it seeks EU membership.

Northern Kosovo: Asserting Sovereignty amid Divided Loyalties

Tensions are rising in Kosovo’s restive Serb-majority north, as Pristina enforces its writ against the backdrop of continuing disputes with Belgrade. The parties and outside supporters should first work on defusing the short-term risk of violence and then look for ways to foster lasting stability.

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The Moscow Attack, Afghanistan’s Islamic State Branch and the Ukraine War

This week on Hold Your Fire, Richard is joined by Crisis Group experts Jerome Drevon, Ibraheem Bahiss and Olga Oliker to discuss the ISIS-claimed attack on a music venue in a Moscow suburb, the global threat ISIS and its affiliates pose and what the strike might mean for Russia and the war in Ukraine. 

ISIS Strikes Moscow

ISIS has claimed the lethal assault on a music venue outside the Russian capital. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Jerome Drevon explores the various implications of this attack.

Can Nuclear Arms Control Survive a Changing World Order?

This week on War & Peace, Olga and Elissa are joined by Joe Cirincione, national security analyst and a leading expert on non-proliferation, to discuss the nuclear escalation risks of the war in Ukraine, U.S. nuclear policy and the looming collapse of global arms control.

Armenia Struggles to Cope with Exodus from Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenia is having problems integrating over 100,000 refugees who fled Nagorno-Karabakh when Azerbaijan took control of the enclave in September 2023. Yerevan has tried to be generous, but it lacks funds and a long-term plan, leaving the displaced people exposed and facing an uncertain future.

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Two Years Into Full-Scale War, What Ukraine Needs and What its Backers Can Give

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Elissa Jobson talk with Crisis Group experts Alissa de Carbonnel and Simon Schlegel about where things stand for Ukraine and its Western supporters two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion and what might be next. 

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