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Peace, Justice and Reconciliation

Stopping the fighting is just the first step in bringing about lasting peace. To heal the many wounds of war and make sure violence does not erupt again, justice is often needed as part of the long and difficult process of reconciling warring parties. Our analysts have examined diverse mechanisms used to provide transitional justice and allow reconciliation to take place, in Colombia, in Sri Lanka, in Sudan and many other peace processes.


In The News

13 Jun 2018
I think Kim wanted to win the hearts [of people] and draw some sympathy for himself and his regime, as part of an effort to weaken resolve to maintain sanctions and pressure. South China Morning Post

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
12 Sep 2017
China views its agreement with the new [UN] sanctions [against North Korea] as a favour to the U.S. and will now expect something in return. Financial Times

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
23 Mar 2017
There is a risk that the process of negotiation [in the Central African Republic] around disarmament becomes bogged down and justice, including through the Special Criminal Court, accelerates. IRIN

Richard Moncrieff

Project Director, Central Africa
16 Mar 2017
The [Syrian] regime refused to discuss a meaningful political transition even when it appeared to be losing ground militarily, so there is no prospect of it choosing to do so now that it has momentum. Al Jazeera

Noah Bonsey

Former Senior Analyst, Syria
9 Mar 2017
There is work to be done by both Sinhala and Tamil activists [in Sri Lanka], in persuading Sinhalese voters to support the new constitution and make the case for a shared interest in ending impunity. Daily Financial Times

Alan Keenan

Project Director, Sri Lanka
9 Mar 2017
Khartoum has successfully portrayed the SPLM-N as spoilers in the peace talks and inhibitors to humanitarian aid being delivered to the region. This move is likely an attempt to rehabilitate their image. The World Weekly

Magnus Taylor

Former Analyst, Horn of Africa