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Comfort Ero

President & CEO

Crisis Group Role

Dr Comfort Ero was appointed Crisis Group’s President & CEO in December 2021. She joined the organisation as West Africa Project Director in 2001 and rose to become Africa Program Director and then, in January 2021, Interim Vice President.

Dr Ero has spent her entire career working on or in conflict-affected countries. In between her two tenures at Crisis Group, she served as Deputy Africa Program Director for the International Centre for Transitional Justice (2008-2010) and, prior to that, Political Affairs Officer and Policy Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, UN Mission in Liberia (2004-2007). She has a PhD from the London School of Economics, University of London. Dr Ero is also the Chair of the Board of the Rift Valley Institute and sits on the editorial board of various journals, including International Peacekeeping.

Areas of Expertise

  • Conflict prevention, management and resolution
  • Mediation
  • Peacekeeping
  • Transitional justice
  • Politics and international relations of Africa

Professional Background

  • Deputy Africa Program Director for the International Centre for Transitional Justice (2008-2010)
  • Political Affairs Officer and Policy Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary General, United Nations Mission in Liberia (2004-2007)
  • Project Director, West Africa Office, International Crisis Group (2001-2004)
  • Research Fellow, Conflict, Security & Development Group, Centre for Defence Studies, King's College, London (1999-2001)
  • Research Associate, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London (1998-1999)
  • PhD from the London School of Economics, University of London


  • English (native)
  • French (conversant)

In The News

8 Jan 2020
Burkina is a gateway to coastal West Africa and there is a real concern that jihadist groups may see it as a launching pad to gain other footholds in the coastal region. Financial Times

Comfort Ero

President & CEO
31 May 2018
The AU is a bureaucratic body that has no immediate answers for the widespread support for third-termism by African leaders today. The body is missing in action in the matters of its member countries (and should) champion the aspirations of ordinary Africans. Lasentinel

Comfort Ero

President & CEO
15 Feb 2017
Despite the rise of new security structures in [Africa] the last few years, [they] haven't done much to change the [political] dynamic on the ground. All Africa

Comfort Ero

President & CEO
13 Oct 2016
We have to think very carefully about the use of violence [against Boko Haram], sometimes it is necessary, but it mustn’t aggravate the situation, rather it must help to reduce or resolve the conflict. Force should be used cautiously. Leadership

Comfort Ero

President & CEO

Latest Updates

President's Take

Grappling with the Ukraine War’s Multi-faceted Threat

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses the greatest danger to global peace and security in decades. In her introduction to the EU Watch List 2022 – Spring Update, Crisis Group President & CEO Comfort Ero lays out the biggest dilemmas and sets some guideposts for international action.

Kofi Annan’s Lessons in Global Leadership

Sadly, principled statesmen and women who can forge bold, morally consistent responses to today's global problems are in short supply. We must therefore safeguard and promote the virtues that the former UN secretary-general embodied.

Originally published in Project Syndicate

Op-Ed / Africa

Women are suffering in Cameroon’s war, but they also hold the key to peace

As anglophone separatists continue their conflict with the government, women’s voices must be heard to find a solution.

Originally published in The Guardian

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Russia’s War in Ukraine

This week on Hold Your Fire! Richard Atwood, Comfort Ero and Crisis Group’s Europe & Central Asia director Olga Oliker talk about the war in Ukraine. They discuss what’s happening on the ground, reactions around the world and what lies ahead as fighting reaches Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Can Western Diplomacy Still Avert War in Ukraine?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood, Comfort Ero and Olga Oliker, Crisis Group’s Europe/Central Asia director, talk about the Ukraine crisis. They discuss latest developments on the border, the uptick of violence along front lines in Eastern Ukraine and whether recent diplomatic efforts can avert a Russian escalation.