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Julie David de Lossy

Photographer and Photo Editor

Crisis Group Role

Julie joined Crisis Group in May 2014. She is in charge of Crisis Group’s photographic identity. She also follows our analysts during their field research, producing photo essays.

As Photo Editor, she manages Crisis Group’s photographic archives.

Previously, she worked in Kigali and Nairobi on DRC and Central African issues. Julie also spent three years as a freelance photojournalist in Central Asia, mainly working on Soviet legacies in the region twenty years after the independence.

She holds an MA in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London, and an MA in International Relations from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Photo Essays for Crisis Group

Latest Updates

Our Journeys / Africa

In Search of the State in the Central African Republic

A February 2019 agreement is the latest in a string of attempts to bring peace to the Central African Republic. Will it hold? Crisis Group expert Hans de Marie Heungoup goes to the country to find out, along with photographer Julie David de Lossy.

Also available in Français
Our Journeys / Asia

Picturing Sri Lanka’s Undead War

Ten years after the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, Crisis Group’s Sri Lanka Project Director Alan Keenan and Photographer Julie David de Lossy travelled 1,500km through ex-combat zones. They found a population finding ways to cope with their traumatic experiences and an extraordinary array of monuments to the war. 

Picturing Baghdad

Despite their traumatic history, Iraqis are finding individual and civic solutions to their country’s political failures. Crisis Group photographer Julie David de Lossy visited Baghdad in October-November 2018 and returned with portraits of its people’s search for normalcy.

Picturing Islam in Kyrgyzstan

Crisis Group’s Publications Officer Julie David de Lossy, formerly a freelance photographer of Central Asia, travels to Kyrgyzstan to take a look through her camera lens at the context of our conflict-prevention work.