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A Gaza Ceasefire

The ceasefire deal the U.S. has tabled represents the best – and perhaps last – hope for both ending the Gaza war and getting the hostages held in the strip back any time soon. Israeli and Hamas leaders should accept it.

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Statement / Africa

South Sudan on Edge as Its Neighbour’s War Disrupts Oil Exports

Income from oil exports is critical to keeping South Sudan’s factious elites together. The war in neighbouring Sudan has led earnings to fall precipitously, threatening instability in Juba and highlighting anew the need to bring the Sudanese conflict to a close.

Statement / Asia

War in Western Myanmar: Avoiding a Rakhine-Rohingya Conflict

The Arakan Army has greatly expanded the territory it controls in Rakhine State, on Myanmar’s border with Bangladesh, seizing many areas inhabited by Rohingya Muslims. With the regime keen to foment inter-communal strife, Rakhine and Rohingya leaders should act swiftly to calm tensions. 

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The Israel-Iran Crisis: A Chance to Step Back from the Brink

Israel and its allies fended off almost all the armed drones and missiles fired by Iran on 13 April. This outcome affords both sides a face-saving way out of what could otherwise be a ruinous broader confrontation. 

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Statement / Africa

Sudan: A Year of War

All-out fighting between rival branches of the armed forces has devastated Sudan. With millions facing famine, diplomats should push the two main belligerents much harder to accept a ceasefire – before the fragmentation in the two sides’ ranks dooms efforts to stop the carnage.

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Statement / United States

The International Crisis Group Responds to Letter from Congress to DOJ

Crisis Group responds to the latest mischaracterisations of its work.

Statement / Africa

Sudan’s Calamitous Civil War: A Chance to Draw Back from the Abyss

Sudan’s war is entering an even more dangerous phase as fighting spreads to the heavily contested east, spelling more atrocities and mass displacement. Diplomats should seize a new opportunity to halt the spiral into state failure and stimulate direct talks between the belligerents.

Statement / Global

Conflict Prevention in the Age of Disinformation

Around the world, disinformation and related tactics are diminishing the space for independent voices and reasoned debates. Journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society organisations have been impacted and so have we. Here, we attempt to dispel common mischaracterisations of our work and staff.

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Barbados Deal Sets Venezuela on a Rocky Path to Competitive Polls

Venezuela’s government and opposition have reached an agreement laying the groundwork for a competitive presidential election in 2024. It could be a breakthrough in efforts to resolve the country’s political and socio-economic crisis. The accord is untested, however, and obstacles may lie ahead.

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A Ceasefire in Gaza

Whoever bears responsibility for the blast killing hundreds in a hospital, the toll of the Gaza war is far too high. Western leaders should join calls for a pause to save lives, prevent fighting from spreading and give diplomacy a chance.

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