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Relatives of Yemenis, who were stranded in Egypt, hug each other as they disembark from their plane after returning home, at Sanaa international airport, 20 May 20 2015. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
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Securing a More Peaceful Future

A gift to Crisis Group is an investment in global peace and security.

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Your investment helps us to meet the growing demand for our work as we confront a terrible trend toward more wars, more civilians killed and more people displaced worldwide.

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International Crisis Group: Together We Can Build a Safer World

Over the past decade, the number of wars has grown by nearly 50%. Violence forced almost 75 million people to flee their homes in 2018 alone, and the following year, war caused economic losses exceeding $500 billion.

A gift to Crisis Group is an investment in global peace and security.

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We are political “first responders” to a crumbling international order. Speaking and writing directly from war zones, we warn the world of imminent threats to lives and livelihoods and urge action to stop them. Our independence and impartiality remain our most cherished qualities, high-level access and field-based research our most valued assets, saving lives our ultimate goal.

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