Ibraheem Bahiss

Ibraheem Bahiss

Analyst, Afghanistan

Crisis Group Role

Ibraheem Bahiss is an analyst with Crisis Group’s Asia Program. He assesses peace and conflict developments in Afghanistan through open-source research, interviews, trend analysis, and program documentation. His reporting synthesises field-based insights with qualitative analysis.

Professional Background

Ibraheem Bahiss has an interest in armed groups and Islamist politics across South Asia and the Middle East. He holds bachelor’s degrees in law and political science along with a master’s degree in law from the University of Waikato. Ibraheem’s work has been published by various international media and research organisations.


  • English (proficient)
  • Arabic (proficient)
  • Pashto (native)
  • Dari (fluent)
  • Urdu (fluent)

Areas of Expertise

  • Armed groups
  • Security and governance
  • Peace processes
  • Afghanistan

In The News

22 Aug 2023
As Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban severed, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also gotten cold feet in their engagement [with the Taliban]. The Cradle

Ibraheem Bahiss

Analyst, Afghanistan

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