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CrisisWatch Lebanon

Unchanged Situation

President Aoun 16 Oct said Syrian refugees in Lebanon should return to “stable and low-tension areas” in Syria, because Lebanon could no longer cope with strain of hosting them. Parliament 19 Oct passed 2017 budget, first since 2005. As part of effort to undermine Iran’s influence in region, U.S. 25 Oct imposed new sanctions on Iran-backed Lebanese Shiite political and military movement Hizbollah, including for allegedly using civilians as human shields in 2006 conflict with Israel.

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Reports & Briefings

In The News

13 Nov 2017
Hariri as [Lebanon's] Prime Minister created the impression that coexistence with Hezbollah and by extension with Iran was possible; his departure is designed to erase any doubt. New Zealand Herald

Robert Malley

Vice President for Policy
11 Nov 2017
For months now, [Israel] has been sounding alarm bells about Hezbollah’s and Iran’s growing footprint in Syria, and about the Lebanese capacity to produce precision-guided missiles. Business Insider

Robert Malley

Vice President for Policy
11 Nov 2017
[It is not] plausible to assume [Lebanese Prime Minister] Hariri’s resignation would compel Hezbollah to change its ways. No government can be formed without its consent. The Guardian

Heiko Wimmen

Project Director, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon
9 Nov 2017
There are so many fuses, so little communication, so many risks of something exploding [between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon], that there’s little chance of something not going wrong. The New York Times

Robert Malley

Vice President for Policy
7 Nov 2017
Between [Lebanese Prime Minister] Hariri’s resignation and the missile launch on Riyadh, the prospect of some strike either against Hezbollah or against Iran is more likely than it was a few days ago. Reuters

Robert Malley

Vice President for Policy
4 Nov 2017
[The Saudis] concluded that [Lebanese Prime Minister] Hariri was serving as more of a cover for Iranian and Hezbollah influence than as a counterweight to them. The New York Times

Robert Malley

Vice President for Policy

Latest Updates

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Sahar Atrache

Former Senior Analyst, Lebanon