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Bram Ebus


Crisis Group Role

Bram Ebus joined Crisis Group's Latin American office as a consultant. He researches resource conflicts and border instabilities in the Andean region. In his reporting he gathers field-based insights and works on recommendations based on analysis of a wide variety of sources. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Bram travels to border areas to identify and analyse crises both in their early and later stages.

Professional Background

Bram Ebus has worked on resource conflicts, drug policies and state-corporate crimes in Latin America since 2010. He holds a master degree from the University of Utrecht in Global Criminology with a focus on environmental and state-corporate crimes. In recent years, Bram has been active as an NGO consultant and investigative journalist, publishing for a variety of international media, and worked as the lead journalist for an award winning interactive media production on mining conflicts in Venezuela.


  • Dutch (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (fluent)

Areas of Expertise

  • Resource conflicts
  • Latin America
  • State-corporate crimes
  • Organised crime
  • Border instability

In The News

15 Apr 2021
For the Venezuelan government, which stubbornly denied the presence of Colombian guerrilla forces in their territory for many years, it seems that there is no way back now. World Politics Review

Bram Ebus

13 Jun 2019
Confrontations between the rival armed groups make southern Venezuela one of the most violent regions in Latin America. The Guardian

Bram Ebus


Latest Updates

A Rebel Playing Field: Colombian Guerrillas on the Venezuelan Border

In the jungle along the Colombian-Venezuelan frontier, guerrillas, criminals and shadowy state elements jostle for illicit profits. Venezuela’s campaign against one armed group has raised tensions. Bogotá and Caracas should temper their war of words and work to forestall an inadvertent bilateral escalation.

Also available in Español

Under a Merciless Sun: Venezuelans Stranded Across the Colombian Border

As Venezuela’s economy plumbs the depths of collapse, a new cohort of refugees is trekking across parched landscapes to Colombia. It consists of the most vulnerable, including poor expectant mothers, unaccompanied children and the sick, people with no defence against the predations of armed bands.

Also available in Español

Troubled Waters along the Guyana-Venezuela Border

Gold and migrants stream across the stretch of the Cuyuní river that marks the Guyana-Venezuela border. Guerrillas and criminal organisations control much of the flow. Their turf wars are already spilling over and could intensify if foreign powers intervene to topple Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Also available in Español

Savannah Strife: Brazil’s Combustible Border with Venezuela

The frontier between Brazil and its crisis-ridden neighbour Venezuela has become a major migration route, a hotspot for crime and a flashpoint for violence. This is the first of three commentaries on Venezuela’s troubled borderlands.

Also available in Español